50th Birthday Party Ideas- Make the Celebration Unforgettable

Reaching a half century in this world is such as great milestone in anyone’s life so it is just right to celebrate this moment with friends, families and all the special people in that person’s life. With this come plenty of 50th birthday party ideas that will surely make the celebrator celebrate his or her birthday in style.

The 50th birthday is one special occasion that should not be missed and since the celebrator have experienced a lot in life, the preparation for the party may be not similar with other birthday parties. But then, this should not be a worry to the organizer since there can be plenty of ideas to make the 50th birthday celebration an unforgettable one.

Varied 50th Birthday Party Ideas

It is unforgivable to revel in this momentous occasion in someone’s life over a boring lunch and dinner. This is not to say that the celebration should be extravagant. This just means that ample effort must be exerted to make the celebration very memorable to the celebrator.

50th birthday party ideas

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This can be a lot easier since there are a lot of ideas to choose from. There’s even the option of creating an original concept too! Here are just some of the popular themes for 50thbirthday celebrations:

  • Classic roast and toast– This idea is suitable for the conservative celebrator. This is as simple as having champagne over a delectable dinner perhaps while classical music is playing in the backdrop. This can be made more special by organizing a simple program for celebrator where family, friends and loved ones can write sweet messages and read it to the celebrator personally. Although the concept is simple, the party will surely end in joy and tears. You can also “roast” the celebrator for some good-natured fun.


  • Candid Funeral Party– A funeral party may sound strange but this will truly be appreciated by a celebrator who has a great deal of humor. This is among the 50th birthday party ideas that can be a lot of fun as it can really resemble the funeral style where guests and the celebrator can wear black dress and coat. Funeral decor may surround the party place and this will truly be a memorable one.


  • The Golden Days– Since the 50th years signifies the golden years; a golden themed party can be a great way to celebrate. With this, the decor can take the gold colors so grab all the gold party supplies in the market and start the momentous party.


What about the Invitations?

In essence, 50th birthday party invitations should be as exciting as the party could be. With this, the feelings and reactions of the recipient should be considered as receiving such invitation can make someone feel they are getting old too. Hence, it will be best to spice up the invitations to make the guests feel excited to attend the party.

Looking for a unique invitation in the market such as stationery stores may be a difficult task since the options are generic in nature. Thus, as a part of the 50th birthday party ideas, searching online for the best birthday invitations can be a viable option. Searching online will reveal plenty of choices so it can be easier to find a unique birthday party invitation that will suit the personality of the celebrator.

In fact, these invitation cards can be made more specialized by adding personal touches unique to the celebrator like photos and personal messages with specialized ink. The beauty with shopping online is that it can be hassle free and it provides a wide selection of unique options that cannot be found in regular stores.

Great Ideas for 50th Birthday Gifts

Along with planning the party is thinking of the best 50th birthday gift. The gifts do not have to be expensive as long as these are given with much thought. One great idea is personalized postage stamp from the celebrator’s photo. This may seem simple but it is definitely a thoughtful act.

Other ideas include a great watch, a grand vacation or a good book. The gift will depend on the receiver but still, nothing can be more wonderful that organizing a wonderful party with the entire family and friends and utilizing the best 50th birthday party ideas to make the party a moment of a lifetime.