Top Tips About 50th Birthday Party Favors

50th Birthday Party Favors

Most 50th birthday parties are a bit more sentimental yet full of fun and laughter. This special event usually includes lots of jokes about growing old, as well as reminiscing with family members and friends in the same age group. If you are about to organize a 50th birthday party for someone special, don’t forget to add some fun by making some 50th birthday party favors to give to your guests when they arrive or as they leave the party.

Choosing Party Favors

50th Birthday Party FavorsRegardless of the theme to be use on your party, the best way to end any special events is by sending your guests home with a party favor. Giving party favors have already been a practice to show that you appreciate your guest’s attendance to your party. It is also a great way to thank your guest to spend their time to celebrate your 50th birthday. Guest will surely feel grateful and will want to return for other celebrations. It is important to continue the fun and festive atmosphere even when they get home.

As a host, you have the option to buy or make your own party favors. Favors can generally be divided by gender. Match the party favors with the party theme. Think small and creative things. Even simple and ordinary things can do.50th birthday party favors don’t have to be that expensive. You just have to customize those simple things to make it extra special. When deciding for favors, you need to consider some important factors such as the longevity of favor, time allotted for the task, and lastly, the budget. If you choose to create your own custom birthday party favor, start by picking favor boxes and bags. If a proper party theme and birthday party favor is chosen, a 50th birthday party can surely be an unforgettable event. Unique favor can be a keepsake to help guests remember all the fun they had.

List Of 50th Birthday Party Favors

• Funny Party Favors

Giving your guest some funny favors on your 50th birthday is a great way to thank them. You can give pamphlet on senior retirement homes, herbs for elderly people, bags full of vitamins, picture frame of an old person with funny sayings and quotes.

50th Birthday Party Favors• Mugs

Since gold is the color for 50th birthday, it is best to use gold colors for your mug decoration. You can decorate the mug with the number 50 and sprinkled with gold dust. You can also paint them to add some personal touch or write some message with the celebrant’s name.

50th Birthday Party Favors• Candles

Candles are one of the most commonly used item for party favors. You can string some glass beads on wire and wrap some metallic gold decorations around the base of the candle holder. You can use scented candles and tie some message or name of the celebrant written in a small piece of paper.

50th Birthday Party Favors• Homemade Party Favors

Giving your guest some homemade products is also a great birthday party favor. You can bake some cookies, cupcakes, or cakes and wrap it in a gold foil with a gold ribbon to make it look more presentable. You can also form those cookies and cakes into a number 50 to indicate the special event.

• Personalized Bistro Glasses

You can accent your 50th birthday party with these personalized bistro glasses. This will give you the opportunity to put your own mark on the memories for your birthday party guest.

50th Birthday Party Favors• T-Shirts

T-shirts as a party favor is one of the best 50th birthday party favors that you can give to your guest on your big day. You can create your own message on t-shirts using printable iron-on transfer papers. You can also add some personalized message, quotes, images, name and date of birth of the celebrant.